FAQs: Making Changes To Your Book, Collecting Royalties And The "Bestseller" Badge

Once the text is in its final format, you can still make changes at any time — by simply editing the book in the Reedsy Book Editor and then uploading the new file to your Amazon KDP account. So don’t worry if there’s a last minute change-up you decide to make!

When you enter your book onto KDP (Amazon’s publishing platform), there will also be an option to order a “proof” — to make sure everything looks as you intended. You can make any changes as needed at that time.

You should also be able to replace any interior book file at any time — just know that it will take a few hours/a day or two to update on Amazon.

It usually takes 24-48 hours for your book to be available for sale, after you’ve uploaded it to Amazon KDP.

Beginning 60 days after you publish, you will receive a royalty check every month. You are not notified of each individual sale — however, you can check your Amazon KDP account at any time for detailed sales info.

Make sure not to get caught up in the idea of labels, like “bestseller”. It’s a made-up term that people claim to “have” in order to sell books. Typically, people call themselves a “bestseller” when their book is No. 1 in a single Amazon category for a brief period of time.

It’s really easy to do, and doesn’t mean anything. You can put your book in some small category (like basket-weaving), sell 3-5 books in one day and be #1 in that category for a few hours (the rankings don’t count total books sold, but rather per day). You’ll then be a “bestseller”, but you’ll still have only sold 5 books. 

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