How To Get Your Book Manuscript From Reedsy To Amazon (By "Exporting" It)

If you're wondering how to send your completed manuscript to Amazon for publishing, here's what you need to know:

First, you need to download the manuscript file from Reedsy and save it to your computer. Be sure to do this for both the paperback and digital versions of your book (these are two separate files).

Simply click "export" in Reedsy — and first download the e-book file, which is called .epub.

Then, click "export" again — and download the paperback file, which is called .PDF.

Next, proceed to the publishing steps on Amazon KDP. When you reach the point where it says "upload your manuscript," that's where you'll need to put the file.

If you're creating an e-book, you'll upload the e-book file. If you're creating a paperback book, you'll upload the paperback file.

To sum up, sending your completed manuscript to Amazon for publishing involves downloading the file from Reedsy and saving it to your computer, then uploading it to Amazon KDP at the appropriate point in the publishing process. Just be sure to upload the correct file for the format you're publishing in (paperback or e-book).

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