Troubleshooting: Problems Uploading Amazon Paperback Edition And Cover

If when uploading your file into Amazon KDP you receive a message saying that they can’t upload it because there is no barcode — have no fear! There is a box to check that says you are not including a barcode. Sometimes, people check this box by accident. Try again and you should be all set. You don’t need a barcode — Amazon will provide you one.

If you’re getting error messages when attempting to upload your cover, please note that an e-book cover doesn’t have a “back.” A paperback cover has a back. Make sure your designer provides you with separate paperback and ebook cover files, and be sure to ask them for whatever information they need — so that they know what size to make it according to your wishes (see “Formatting” for more information on this).

Amazon KDP is generally very good at responding to inquiries via their Help Center. Here is the link to contact them:

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