FAQs: Getting Book Reviews on Amazon

How To Get Your Readers' Email Addresses

Many people ask how they can get the information of the people who buy their book on Amazon, to reach out and ask them to leave a review. Amazon will not give you the contact info of buyers, as that is against their policy. This is why I recommend having prompts in the book for people to enter their email and/or to send you an email.

How To Get Test Readers To Leave A "Verified" Review On Amazon

Test readers that you’ve sent PDFs to can leave reviews on Amazon, but they won’t show up as “verified.” If you want them to show up as verified, I would recommend running a free book promotion,  having them “buy” the book for free, and then leaving a review.

You can check this article for more information.

How To Get More Reviews

If you're getting a great reaction to your book, but still struggling to get reviews, know that this is totally normal — and check out these two tips.

1) Follow-up at least 3 times asking someone directly for a review, and explaining how meaningful it would be. Most people just forget, are busy, or don’t know how important reviews are.

Give them a simple message like: “Thank you so much for reading! I’m having a really difficult time getting reviews — and reviews are the most important thing to make sure the book succeeds. Could you please take 3 minutes to leave a review when you get a chance? It can be as simple as: ‘This book was great!’”

And then link them directly to your Amazon page.

Follow up with a quick message 3-4 days later if they don’t respond.

Follow up at least one more time, a week later, if they don’t respond.

2) Read this article for another strategy.

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