What if you're stuck on multiple different ideas?

My short advice would be: Choose the idea that scares you the most. It's usually the most powerful. If that's too difficult to glean, then choose the idea which excites you the most.

If you're still stuck after meditating on those thoughts, I would recommend just moving on. There's nothing wrong with entering Week 3 with multiple potential ideas, because Week 3 is specifically designed to help you see which idea resonates better with your audience.

By testing one piece of Bookbait for each idea, you should have much more clarity. So stick with the process and keep going! Of course, the more ideas you have — the more work you'll have to do. So I'd recommend narrowing down to your two most exciting/scary choices.

If the first test goes well and you're excited about it — move forward with that idea! If not, move on to the second idea. And so on.

There's nothing wrong with testing multiple ideas. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind. There's nothing wrong with anything, except doubting yourself.

Keep moving forward, and you'll do great.

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