How To Arm Yourself Against Critics And Haters

If you're worried about receiving negative feedback or people making false assumptions based on your story/advice/opinions, first of all: That just means you care. Which is awesome.

And that you have strong opinions that will likely turn into an excellent book.

However, it's still extremely scary before you've gotten actual proof that people are on your side.

I have an important tip: Name your fears and insecurities outloud, and then tell people your honest, empathetic thoughts on the issue(s).

As long as you’ve said your peace and been honest and empathetic, all reasonable people will understand. And unreasonable people aren’t who you’re writing for. They will ignore the book, and for the few who don’t, their incorrect criticism just serves as effective marketing for you!

The saying goes, "all publicity is good publicity." If silly people are complaining about you, reasonable people will laugh at their absurd arguments and kindly check out your content.

And of course, there will be people who simply don't jive with your opinions. If you're writing a book on atheism, no devout Christian is likely to pick up your book. If you're writing a book on Christianity, no devout atheist is likely to pick up your book. The 1% of angry ones may cause a ruckus, but again, they're just giving you free marketing.

And the 99% of reasonable ones will simply go about their day, not worrying about your book at all. While the people in your "tribe" will eagerly turn the pages.

When in doubt: Own all of your doubts, insecurities and worries. If you shine light on them, then there’s nothing for people to criticize.

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